The Ultimate WFH Starter Kit



More people are working from home than ever before. And while nobody misses waking up extra early to sit in traffic, it's a big shakeup to the normal routine. For starters, it makes collaboration a challenge, considering you can't just get up and walk over to a co-worker's desk.

On the other hand, you'll save a small fortune on gasoline. So that's a win.

Here are some essentials for making your home office feel like, well, an office.


SM-6355 Santos 12oz Ceramic Mug

First things first: coffee. It helps you stay productive – not to mention sane. And the mug you choose says a lot about your brand. The Santos 12oz. Ceramic Mug has a trendy speckled body to showcase your brand’s superior style. The ultimate complement to any home office



7197-30 Oros TWS Auto Pair Earbuds & Wireless Charging Pad

A big part of working from home: lots and lots of conference calls. And since it’s helpful to have both hands, we’d recommend a pair of earbuds with call capabilities and crystal clear sound. These Oros True Wireless Earbuds & Wireless Charging Pad are perfect for taking calls or listening to your favorite playlist, all while keeping your phone charged up. Talk about multi-tasking!




0911-09 FUNCTION Office Hard Bound Notebook with Pen Pouch

The world is getting more tech savvy, but handwritten notes aren't going anywhere. Studies have shown that writing things down by hand improves memory and retention ( Have this notebook handy during meetings or brainstorms to keep your thoughts organized and your wits sharp.



7141-03 ETL Listed Tower Desktop AC Adaptor

Ask anyone who’s new to the WFH world and they’ll tell you, you can never have too many outlets. This Desktop AC Adaptor turns one wall outlet into five convenient plug-ins for your USB devices. Charge up your phone and tablet and still have room for other desktop accessories.



SM-3971 Milo Wireless Mouse

If you're used to using a mouse at the office, your laptop's built-in mousepad can feel kind of awkward. This sleek mouse works wirelessly, meaning one less cord to get in your way.



TM16511/TM96511 Piedmont SS Polo

Sure, you could work in your pajamas all day. But you're a professional! And if you're doing lots of video-conferencing throughout the day, you'll want to make sure your brand is well-represented on camera. The Piedmont has subtle graphic detail for extra style, plus wash-and-wear fabric that always looks good. Just add your logo where everybody can see it. We recommend decorating above the left chest so it gets the visibility it deserves.

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