The 4 Big Trends For 2022


A new year is here, and there will be lots of opportunities. Of course, it helps to be prepared. We asked four experts from our product development team about the big trends for 2022 to help you get one step ahead.


“’Techceleration’ refers to the idea that innovation is happening faster than ever, bringing ease and convenience to our lives in all new ways. These are everyday products, but with integrated tech to enhance their functionality. For example, a high-tech mug that maintains the perfect temperature for your coffee all day, or a ‘smart notebook’ that can store your notes and ideas in the cloud using a free app. People use technology every day, so it’s no surprise they want products that fit seamlessly into their lives.”

- Mindy Hoffmann – PCNA Senior Category Director
Health + Happiness

“Physical and mental health are always top of mind at the start of a new year – especially when you consider we’re in the middle of a pandemic. And products that promote wellness are huge right now. Whether it’s the HidrateSpark bottle that reminds people to drink water while they’re out connecting with nature or the cozy blanket that helps them relax at home, everyone is realizing the importance of staying healthy and balanced.”

- Liz Tracy – PCNA Senior Product Designer

Retail Brands

“Brands are as big as they ever have been in promo. Gift giving has gotten more personal, and there’s a stronger connection with retail brands people know and love. Think about when you receive a gift from a brand you like and trust. You use that gift all the time, and you keep it forever. That’s why we’re constantly adding new retail brand partners, because we want to carry something for every time of project or end user. Whether it’s Herschel, Skullcandy®, tentree, mophie®, Klean Kanteen, we’re the destination for retail brands in promo.” 

- Chip Canner – PCNA Director of Brand Development

Eco + Sustainable

“Whether you’re talking about consumers or corporations, there’s been a seismic shift toward sustainability. In retail, shoppers are seeking out eco-friendly products. And at the corporate level, sustainability initiatives are driving decisions. We’re committed to helping make a difference. By offering the industry’s biggest eco-friendly collection and partnering with likeminded retail brands, we want to make it easy to create promo gifts everyone can feel good about.”

- A.J. Dickson – PCNA Senior Category Director