How Distributors Helped Build The New


Since it launched a couple weeks ago, distributors are discovering how the new can save them time and make their jobs easier. Page load speeds are faster, navigation is more intuitive, and the site’s got enhanced functionality, including the ability to quickly create lifelike virtuals and generate quotes for decorated products.

Nicole Demchak, Digital Experience Manager, says it’s no coincidence that reaction to the site from distributors has been overwhelmingly positive.

They essentially helped design it.

“The customer journey played a tremendous role in building the new site. Over the past year, we’ve spoken to many distributors to better understand their day-to-day business,” Demchak says. “We used their feedback to create better site navigation and build tools that would make for an overall easier experience.”

Considering the critical role serves for distributors – from finding the right product to checking an order status – we asked Demchak to share more of her insight about the new site.


Q:  What were the top three objectives at the outset of the site redesign?

A:  First and foremost, providing more self-service capabilities. We know our customers are extremely busy, so we wanted to ensure they have tools to get things done faster.

I’d say the second priority was making the site easier to navigate for information across our PCNA brand portfolio.

And the third big thing was eliminating the guesswork from pricing for decorated products. So we created the ability to configure a line-item quote with product, quantity and decoration.


Q:  How were those objectives identified?

A:  They’re a direct reflection of what we offer to distributors: product leadership, exceptional decoration capabilities, a reliable partner and an easy experience.


Q:  If you could give one tip about the new site, what would it be?

A:  Sign into your account. Signing in when you come to the site provides access to all the features I’ve alluded to and more. You can see real-time inventory, use the ‘My Project’ tool to share ideas with customers, and place an order across multiple brands on one P.O.


Q:  Are there any other improvements planned for the site?

A:  I’d say the March 29 launch was just the start. We’re discussing several enhancements, and upgrades for the ‘My Account’ area and virtualization function are two things distributors can look forward to over the next few months.


Click here to learn more about the new and how we’re delivering on The PCNA Promise. (And remember – sign into your account when you’re there!)