Health And Happiness: Huge In 2022


For some, health and wellness have always been important. But the physical, mental and emotional challenges of the past two years have created widespread awareness. More employers are offering wellness programs, and more individuals are adopting healthier lifestyles. It’s all adding up to a big increase in demand for products that promote physical and mental wellness.

We sat down with PCNA Senior Product Designer Liz Tracy to learn more about one of the biggest trends of 2022.

Q: Why is personal health and wellness such a priority for so many people right now?
A: “Physical and mental health are always top of mind at the start of a new year – especially when you consider we’re in the middle of a pandemic. And products that promote wellness are huge right now. Whether it’s the high-tech HidrateSpark bottle that reminds people to drink water while they’re out connecting with nature or the cozy blanket that helps them relax at home, everyone is realizing the importance of staying healthy and balanced.”

Q: You mentioned a high-tech water bottle and a cozy blanket. What other types of products are gaining popularity as a result of this trend? 
A: “Any product that promotes getting outside – whether in your back yard or on a hiking trail. Everything from backpacks, hydration packs and bottles to outdoor coolers and chairs. With most employers offering wellness programs, gifts that promote getting outside and reaping the known benefits of nature and an active lifestyle have been gaining popularity. And products that encourage healthy eating are in high demand as people take a rounded, multi-faceted approach to staying healthy.”

Q: With demand for health and wellness products as high as it is, what makes so many distributors turn to PCNA?  
A: “Our product development team uses a lot of data and information to track trends and saw this emerging before the pandemic. We made strategic partnerships with retail brands like CamelBak® and Klean Kanteen to anchor a strong assortment of gifts for active lifestyles. The breadth of our selection crosses all categories. From beautiful, cozy woven blankets and super soft hoodies to candles inspired by the scents our favorite national parks, we have products that make us feel good and directly support wellness.”

Q: Do you anticipate the health and wellness trend to continue growing even after the pandemic ends?
A: “The onset of the pandemic made us re-evaluate everything. For many, our health and the health of our families became the highest priority. And with the ongoing challenges we now face, our mental and physical well-being will continue to be a focus. Employers will continue to promote wellness programs because they’re important to employees and have been shown to increase productivity. We definitely see this becoming more of a significant lifestyle shift and not just a passing trend.”

A Healthy Start To 2022
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