Escape the Ordinary


Gearing up for an adventurous or leisurely outing means packing all the essentials to accommodate the change in scenery. Enough supplies like sunblock, bug spray, snacks and changes of clothes to last the trip are obvious—check out some exciting branded travel gift ideas from PCNA that are sure to take any mini-vacation to the next level:

For Relaxing Comfort in All Terrains
Customized logo beach towels and blankets like this plush, oversized option feature waterproof backing and fleece lining, making it a great solution for dealing with sand, pebbles or a damp ground outdoors. This blanket even comes with its own storage pouch for quick pack away and easy transport. Brightly colored logos stand out against the black background whether applied by digital print transfer onto the outer pouch or embroidered onto the blanket itself.

For Instant Access to All of Your Supplies
This large tote bag with a classic nautical design is made of durable PolyCanvas and features a spacious open main compartment that holds everything you need for a day outdoors in the sun. Color accented, 23-inch handles border a central front pocket for additional storage and their generous length and sturdy build make this tote easy to lift with one arm and sling over a shoulder. Both the handles and the front pocket are fully customizable using SilkScreen or digital print transfer to apply promotional branding that’s guaranteed to get noticed. 

For a Stylish Refuge from the Sun on Summer’s Hottest Beach Days
Spending an entire sunny day at the beach isn’t practical without some sort of shade source. While many beachgoers are left setting up, adjusting and readjusting cumbersome umbrellas or similar beach items why not save time and become the envy of other sunbathers with this memorable and fully customizable pop-up beach tent? Thanks to its innovative design this tent sets up in moments, providing soothing relief from the heat in the form of a shady canopy and floorspace that accommodates two people at a time. And despite being made of durable silver-coated UV fabric it remains lightweight and compact, collapsing easily into the carrying bag that’s included.

No matter how you choose to escape and enjoy a getaway or a simple break from everyday routine, click here to browse more outdoor essentials.