Eco Gifts For Virtual Conferences And Tradeshows


January is about more than trying to stick with New Year's resolutions. It's also a big month for conferences, tradeshows and sales meetings.

Now that those events are moving to virtual platforms, people are discovering that hosting them online has some advantages – for one thing, it opens up the event to more presenters and attendees, who no longer have to worry about scheduling conflicts or the time, effort and expense required for travel.

Another huge benefit of going virtual? It eliminates the environmental impact of bringing together hundreds or thousands of people. Think about it:

+ No travel to and from event.

+ No lighting, heat or AC for the venue.

+ No heaping mounds of trash destined for a landfill.

Sustainability and eco-consciousness were already trending before COVID-19 changed everything, so promoting virtual conferences as a win for the environment makes a lot of sense – starting with an eco-friendly swag bag. And as a bonus, all the products you're about to see are part of our 1% For The Planet program, meaning one percent of sales are contributed to environmental nonprofits.

Pretty cool, huh?

Dege Eco Knit Half Zip | 18306 (M) and 98306 (W)

Can't have a killer swag bag without really cool apparel. Trend-right style and casual comfort make the Dege a standout, but what's even better is that it's made with more than 30% recycled polyester, taking plastic waste and turning it into something you can feel good about wearing.

Cougar Wheat Straw Ballpoint | SM-4482

Here's the thing about people doing virtual events: They can't take notes on their laptop! So a pen and notebook really come in handy. (We'll get to the notebook in a second.) The Cougar Ballpoint has a barrel partly made with sturdy, sustainable wheat straw instead of planet-harming plastic.

Frenzy Wheat Straw Bluetooth® Speaker | 7197-34

Yep, it's true. You can get eco-friendly tech too. Here are the key numbers for the Frenzy Bluetooth® Speaker:

+ 51% wheat straw exterior
+ 90 minutes of playback
+ 100% awesome

Even the gift box and instruction manual are made with eco-friendly materials.

Wheat Straw Storage With Utensils | SM-2226

Food storage is another gift that's big right now, with more people packing lunch as part of the new routine for 9 to 5. And in case you're wondering, the wheat straw container is microwave-safe.

Wheat Straw RFID Card Holder | 7142-30

Made with 51% wheat straw, the RFID card holder protects your data from being swiped by electronic thieves.

Recycled 5oz Cotton Twill Tote | SM-5830

Naturally, you're going to need a nice bag for everything. This trendy twill tote is made with pre-consumer recycled cotton, which is material that's left over from the manufacture of other cotton goods. So instead of going to a landfill, that extra cotton is turned into an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.


Good For Your Brand. Better For The Planet.

Want to see even more ideas for a sustainable swag bag? Then check out our entire EcoSmart® collection at Featuring over a hundred eco-friendly products in all, you'll find everything from face coverings to umbrellas.