Brands That Give Back


There has never been a better time for retail brands to commit to social and environmental responsibility. Whether it’s donating a portion of profits to charity, partnering with nonprofits or volunteering for a good cause, it’s important that brands use their business to make a positive impact.

Get to know some of our forward-thinking retail brand partners and learn how they’re making a difference.

The Skullcandy® upcycling program refurbishes returned or damaged products to increase product lifespan and reduce the circulation of new raw materials. A portion of proceeds from every upcycled products is donated to Protect Our Winters, a nonprofit focused on climate advocacy.

American Giant™ 
American Giant™ makes clothes in the United States because keeping things local means it can understand the whole supply chain. That supply chain includes the people who touch the product and make it better. In turn, they gain skills and opportunity, and their communities are revitalized. It’s a virtuous cycle of good and humanity.

Good & Well Supply Co.
Good & Well Supply Co. crafts products that celebrate nature, so it’s no surprise that they advocate for and support public lands by donating two percent of annual revenue to the National Park Foundation and Washington National Park Fund

The brand also advocates for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors through annual donations to Black Outside, Inc., a nonprofit committed to reconnecting black youth to the outdoors.

Gregory has a passion for making rugged outdoor backpacks and duffels, but the brand has other interests too, like inspiring kids to share its love for the outdoors. That’s why it donates backpacks every season to Big City Mountaineers, a nonprofit committed to providing underprivileged children with an opportunity to be connected to and empowered by nature.

The brand is also a member of The Conservation Alliance, a nonprofit that pools membership dues from more than 200 companies and brands to support nonprofit organizations working to protect wilderness and waterways for their recreational and habitat values.

On top of making beautifully crafted drinkware that reduces reliance on single-use plastics, Welly® believes that everyone deserves access to clean water. That’s why it donates over 1% of sales to bring clean water to those in need, funding wells and clean water projects in Malawi, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and more.

Roots is one of Canada’s most beloved names in outdoor apparel, and for good reason. Over the last two years, the brand has donated $2 million to many well-deserving organizations, including the Black Opportunity Fund and Brands For Canada, a nationally registered charity that supplies clothing, personal care and houseware items to millions of Canadians living in poverty.

CamelBak® has a sterling reputation for making some of the best drinkware around, but its sustainability efforts are equally impressive. By 2025, all CamelBak® products will be designed to reduce the company’s climate impact and continue to be made with the safest materials.

Thule® is well-known for making high-quality bags and backpacks that simplify life’s adventures, but the brand is also involved in various projects around the world under the umbrella name Thule Pathos. Its initiatives include helping disabled young people in Sweden to try out new sports, building a bicycle park at an orphanage in El Salvador and supporting school food programs in Nepal.

Most people recognize mophie® as the most trusted name in wireless charging, but the brand aspires to be known for more. That’s why the parent company of mophie® has begun creating sustainable and recyclable packaging as a substitute for plastic.

Certified B Corporations
In addition to working with tons of socially and environmentally responsible retail brands, we also proudly partner with several Certified B Corporations, which balance purpose and profit, considering their impact on workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. 

In order to become certified, these companies must meet high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on factors ranging from charitable giving to environmental impact and more. 

Click here to learn more about our Certified B Corp brand partners and how they’re creating change for the better.

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