A New Focus On Climate Change


2020 has changed the way we live. Amid a global pandemic, people everywhere are shifting focus to the things that matter most, like protecting the planet. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly two thirds of respondents agreed that governments' economic recovery efforts after Covid-19 should prioritize climate change.

Bottom line? There's never been a better time to go green, and our EcoSmart® collection is your one-stop-shop for all things eco-friendly:


Bags, Bags And More Bags

Start with something everybody can use, like an eco-friendly bag. A backpack made from recycled materials keeps waste out of landfills, and one reusable tote can save 22,000 plastic grocery bags (, so whether it's for a trip to the grocery store or carrying your stuff to work, a sustainable bag is a win for the environment. Check out a few of our best-selling eco-friendly bags:


7275-03 Parkland Vintage 13" Computer Backpack                                        3005-73 Split Recycled Cotton Drawstring Bag


7901-06 Recycled Cotton Convention Tote       


Recycled Notebooks

We may live in the age of technology, but notebooks aren't going anywhere. Studies show that taking notes by hand improves memory and retention compared to typing on a keyboard. And it can be done in an environmentally-conscious way. We use recycled cardboard to make the covers of these notebooks. They're great for doodling, and great for the planet. A perfect addition to any student or employee gift bag.


1921-12 Recycled Ambassador Bound JournalBook®                                        SM-3429 5" x 4" Recycled Spiral Jotter with Pen


ECO-700C | 5 x 7 Wire-Bound EcoBooks

From Bottle To Blanket

Why throw out plastic bottles when they can be turned into super soft blankets? This 50"x 60" blanket is made from 100% recycled PET, but it feels like your favorite cozy fleece.

1081-57 100% Recycled PET Fleece Blanket with Canvas Pouch


Going Green (And Looking Good)

Outfitting your team with eco-friendly clothing is a great way to reinforce your company's commitment to sustainability. This comfy and stylish half-zip is made with recycled polyester. Even better, it's moisture-wicking to keep them cool in hot weather.

TM18306/TM98306 Dege Eco Knit Half Zip

Masks Are Here To Stay

Everybody needs a face covering, whether it's for the classroom, the office or a trip to the store. The Amos Eco Snood is made with the same lightweight, breathable recycled polyester as our Amos Short Sleeve Polo, so it's super comfy. It's also easy to customize with our full-color, edge-to-edge decoration, so you can find the right look for any project.


TM45601 Amos Eco Snood


And remember, one percent of all EcoSmart® sales are donated to environmental nonprofits. So you're getting an awesome product and doing something good for the planet.


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