A 'Natural' Fit: Eco-Friendly Products For Healthy Lifestyles


Hiking, biking, camping – even a brisk walk in the park. Between gym closures and people generally feeling stir crazy, the pandemic has driven interest in getting outside, where you can escape the confines of the house without being around lots of people.

At the same time, this renewed appreciation for nature and the outdoors has more people focused on protecting the environment.

The natural result? Demand for eco-friendly products that can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are four of them to show you what we mean.

CamelBak® Pivot Echo™ | 1627-21

Made partly with plant-based material, this durable CamelBak® bottle is perfect for getting out and exploring.

Dege Eco Knit Half-Zip | TM18306 (M) and TM98306 (W)

Lightweight enough for warming up, working out or cooling off. Made with more than 30% recycled polyester, the Dege is where style meets sustainability.

 Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box With Utensil Pocket | 1022-14

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. Instead of ordering Chinese for lunch, go with grilled chicken and veggies in a bamboo fiber container. (Don't worry, you can cheat on weekends.)

Recycled PET Eco Cooling Fitness Towel | 1631-66

If you're like us, the best part of a long run is cooling down afterward. Bonus: The eco towel doubles as a face covering.

So, thinking eco for your next promotion? With everything from recycled-cotton totest to ultra-comfy apparel, our EcoSmart® collection is your one-stop shop for sustainable styles.