A Healthier Workplace


As employees prepare to return to the workplace, health and wellness are more important than ever. This sharpened focus on wellness has led to the development of many new products designed to keep people safe and healthy. And with new health and safety guidelines and a new normal, demand for these “health-conscious” products is only going up.

Porto Copper Vac Bottle w/No Contact Keychain | 1600-05

On top of copper vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold all day, this tumbler includes a detachable No Contact Keychain that allows you to turn door handles, use ATM keypads and press elevator buttons without touching them.

Joris Eco Softshell Jacket | TM12940/TM92940

This stylish softshell is made from comfy, eco-friendly recycled polyester and includes a No Contact Keychain in the left pocket to help you avoid contact with contaminated surfaces.

Grocery Tote with Antimicrobial Additive | SM-5718

A grocery tote that’s been treated with a blend of antimicrobial inhibitors that have been tested to prevent the growth of surface bacteria.

Wizard Wireless Mouse with Antimicrobial Additive | 7142-49

This easy-to-use wireless mouse has been treated with an antimicrobial additive to prevent germs from growing. It even includes a premium gift box!

5” x 7” Spiral Notebook with Antimicrobial Additive | SM-3676

This notebook features an antimicrobial coating and an elastic pen loop.

UV Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging Pad | 7143-14

Germs are almost everywhere, but not in this UV Phone Sanitizer, which uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.8% of them. It disinfects phones, keys or other small items in minutes. (And it doubles as a wireless charger!)