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Mobile Tech

2-IN-1 Light Up Charging Cable



The Light up charging cable has a 2-in-1 integrated tip for both Android and iOS devices. Not compatible with iPad Pro. It will light up while connected to power.

Foldable Virtual Reality Headset


The Foldable Virtual Reality Headset is a foldable silicone Virtual Reality headset that allows you attend virtual events and discover a whole new world. Clip it to your smartphone and launch a Virtual Reality app and in seconds you?re in a virtual world. You can enjoy 3D videos VR games 3D movies and much more! It's also compatible with most smartphones with a 4-5.5 inch screen.

Brick USB Hub


The Brick USB Hub is a 4-port USB 2.0 hub that's compatible with any USB port. An included USB cord extends 6.5 inches.

Mirror LED Selfie Flashlight



The Mirror LED Selfie Flashlight is a mirror and LED light that will enhance any selfie. Simply add to any smartphone or tablet to provide supplemental or side lighting for creative photography and videography. Clip to the device and turn on the switch to take pictures at night. Please remove the film from the mirror before using.

Gist 3-in-1 Charging Cable


The Gist 3-in-1 cable is encased in a soft protective flap that includes a USB type C adapter and 2-in-1 dual compatible adapter for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Supports 1A current charge and data transfer. Not compatible with iPad Pro. The ring attaches the charging kit to your keys or bag. Cable length: 7.87".

Span 1200 mAh Power Bank


The Span 1 200 mAh Power Bank has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides power to charge smartphones MP3 players and many other devices. It also features a key ring for easy carrying. Also includes a USB to Micro USB charging cable. Input 5V/1A output 5V/1A.

Bottle Opener with 3-in-1 Charging Cable


The Bottle Opener with 3-in-1 Charging Cable includes a USB A cable cable with a 2-in-1 integrated tip for charging both Android and iOS devices and a Type C tip for newer generations of Android devices with 2A current. It can also function as a bottle opener.

Trebel 3-in-1 Light Up Logo Cable
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Trebel 3-in-1 Light Up Logo Cable


The Trebel 3-in-1 Light Up Logo Charging Cable features a USB A tip a USB Type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices with 1.5A current. This item must be lasered to reveal the light up function. It comes with a carabiner.

Descend Auto Phone Mount
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Descend Auto Phone Mount



The Descend Auto Phone Mount is designed to fit most sizes of smart phones. The clamping mechanism utilizes the pull of gravity to automatically adjust to the size of the phone and hold it in place. The mount can be rotated 360 degrees to optimize use at any angle. The silicone siding protects and ensures a tight grip on the phone to hold it in place.

Crescent 3-In-1 Cinema Light Cables


The Crescent 3-in-1 Cinema Light Charging Cable features a USB A tip a micro tip a USB Type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices with a 2A current. This decorative light box has an on/off button on the back to illuminate your own message. Includes 75 letters and symbols. Not compatible with iPad Pro. Cable length 5.9".

Colorful Bluetooth Earbuds


The Colorful Bluetooth® Earbuds are lightweight and feature an internal rechargeable battery that provides up to 2.5 hours of nonstop music at max volume. The earbuds feature a built in microphone allowing you to receive calls while using the earbuds. A micro USB charging cable is included however a media device is not. It takes 1.5 hours to get a 100% charge for the earbuds. Cable length 21 inches.

Solid Jersey Gel Mouse Pad / Wrist Rest


The Solid Jersey Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest can help prevent wrist fatigue with its soft, gel padding.

Wired Earbuds with Multi-Tips


These earbuds feature 3 inputs which makes them compatible with most mobiles devices. The tips included are a 3.5mm Aux Input, iOS Input, and a Micro USB Input. With the standard 3.5mm Aux Input, all you need to do is plug in the earbuds and the play your music. If the user has a new iPhone or Android device that no longer has the 3.5mm input. The user can use the iOS or Micro USB input to play their audio. 47" Cable length.

Sphere Wireless Charging Pad


The Sphere Wireless Charging Pad allows you to charge your smartphone without the cables. Supports wireless charging at up to 1A for devices including (but not limited to): iPhone 8/8Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 mini *Samsung Galaxy Note5/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8+/S9/S9+/Note 9 * Google Nexus 5/6/7 * HTC Droid DNA 8X * LG G3/G4 Lucid 2/3 * Nokia Lumia 920/930 *. If want to charge an iPhone series before iPhone 8 with wireless technology an external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required. It works with most plastic phone cases on.

Edge 2000 Power Bank


The Edge 2000 Power Bank is a rechargeable lithium ion Grade A battery device is enough to charge smartphones MP3 players and more. The reusable power bank charges via USB cable (included) which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge devices with a micro-USB input such as Android smartphones from Samsung Motorola HTC Nokia and others. USB to Micro USB charging cable is included. Input: 5V/1000mA; Output: 5V/1000mA.