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Fitness Accessories

Alpha Fitness Cooling Towel


The Alpha Fitness Cooling Towel is a soft lightweight and comfortable polyester towel that features a super absorbent material that provides a cooling feature when completely saturated. The open dimensions are 12" x 31.5". Can be worn as a face mask or bandana.

Cooling Towel in Plastic Case


Soft microfiber towel with mesh-like fabric construction that slows evaporation and stays wet longer making it ideal for keeping cool. Comes in handy plastic case for storage in your gym bag or taken on the go. Towel is 32" long by 11.5" wide

Full Color 3/4" Lanyard w/ Bottle Holder



The Full Color 3/4" Lanyard with Bottle Holder is a full sublimation-dyed premium lanyard with smooth finish. Made in the USA in a 3/4-inch width, 36-inch length. Lanyard comes with a rubber ring accessory for easy attachment of water or soda bottles. Packed in standard bundles of 50. FOB ZIP: RI, 02920