UV Desktop Phone Sanitizer - SM-2934 - Bullet
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New  SM-2934

UV Desktop Phone Sanitizer



This UV Desktop Phone Sanitizer uses UV-C light technology for sanitization to kill 99% of microorganisms tested. The desktop sanitizer contains two UV germicidal LEDS for optimal sanitation. Press the button once for a 10-minute-deep clean sanitization. It can sanitize almost anything that fits inside (6.96" L * 3.7" W * 1.39" H) such as large phones (iPhone 11 Pro Max) keys credit cards watches eyeglasses jewelry medical supplies such as protective equipment and even children?s utensils. The sanitization will be stopped automatically once the lid is lifted to avoid UV light exposure. Includes a 19.6" Micro USB cable. The item doesn?t contain a battery.


ABS Plastic


Available, exclusions may apply. Click here for SureShip® details



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